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Running with Knives is a artisan knife company with a focus on stainless steel. Whether your in the kitchen, in the great outdoors or need a functional edge in your day to day adventures, Running with Knives has a blade for you.

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Steel Types



AEB-L is produced by Uddeholm and is specialized for use in making razors. 

14C28N is a Sandvik a Swedish stainless steel similar in qualities to AEB-L. 


This steel is based on AEB-L but so much more.  AEB-L has been - and remains as, a premium choice for slicing applications.  A razor blade steel, AEB-L also excels at kitchen cutlery and folders as well.  NITRO-V has added nitrogen and Vanadium and now becomes suitable for a broad range of applications adding hard carbides and extreme corrosion resistance.

CMP- 154

It has excellent edge retention, fine, evenly distributed carbides, great stain resistance and is twice as tough as regular 154CM at the same hardness. This allows for thinner blades and edge geometry which results in better cutting. As a bonus, it takes a better mirror finish than any other blade steel we know of.


 Is one of the most widely recognized and appreciated steels in knifemaking with a history spanning decades.

As a staple stainless steel in the cutlery industry, many companies built their history and reputation by making it a standard option in their offerings dating back well into the 80s and beyond.

A chromium alloy steel, 440-C has high corrosion resistance and can achieve high levels of hardening, which is why it made such an early impression on cutlery in the first place.

Since it polishes up so nicely, 440-C has found its way into many kitchen knife sets and made a name for itself based on the ease with which it shines.

While some people look at it as old fashioned, even they would be hard-pressed to name another stainless with the legacy, economy, and ease as 440C.

 Carbon Steel 


Is a high carbon steel, it will rust and tarnish if not properly taken care of, so makers should warn customers of possible corrosion issues if they do not clean and oil blades after use.

D2 Is a semistainless tool steel. Tough and high corrosion resistance. 

O1 is a tough tool steel.    

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