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How long does it take you to make a knife?

It really depends. I can reshape and sharpen an old planer blade and wrap it with string in an afternoon. I usually tell people 4-20 hours. Resin casting handles takes time, mirror polishing a blade by hand sanding takes time, leather work takes much more time, file work and jimping all add time. Time well spent.

Have you seen that show?

Not really. I like the aspects of knife making is more than flames and chopping things in half, though that's cool too. I do stainless steel stock removal.

How are they made?

I use a stock removal process from a steel billet. The benefit over recycled steel is that I know the steels internal composition, which helps in heat treating. 
I use a grinder to shape the knife and then heat treat in a heat treat oven rather than a forge. The stainless steel needs an oxygen free environment so it goes in a foil packet and after is given a cold treatment to lock in the crystalline structure. Then two temper cycles to remove some of the brittleness and final grinding and handles.

Can I get a custom knife made?

Yes. It is possible to create a custom blade made. I ask a 50% deposit before starting work.

Do you sharpen knives?

Yes I do. I can also restore knives, make sheaths both kydex and leather.

You make them all by hand?

Yes. Each knife is hand ground, heat treated and sheaths made by myself. Some of my production knives are CNC waterjet cut, and some of my sheaths I designed are cut with technology and assembled and finished by hand. This allows for small batch production runs.

Do you make swords?

No. I make tools. I decided early on the "Life" is one of the values of the company. My blades can be used for ethical harvest wildcrafting mushrooms or processing meat.

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